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Is it worth suppressing non-change events?

David again. Is there a forum? Or is it okay to post comments to random blog entries? I could email you, but when it comes to open source, I like public discussions.

Currently, when somebody changes an independent property, OnSet() is called on the sentry unconditionally. What if the new value is the same as the old value? How often do you suppose it's worth checking whether the new value is actually different before calling OnSet()? Independent<T> could do that, of course. Depending on the situation, I figure that propagating changes could be expensive. Or, propagating a single change might not be expensive, but a complex app may be structured such that there are many false updates per second. Who knows.

Likewise, a dependent does not always change when one of the things it depends on changes (but I don't see a mechanism to inform Dependent that the value did not change during the _update.)

FIXME: the documentation of WinForms UpdateControls is not available.


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