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About the Company

Michael L Perry - Founder

Michael L Perry founded Mallard Software Designs, Inc. with the mission of improving the quality of peoples' work to improve the quality of peoples' lives. To this end, Michael has created business and engineering applications that delight their users and help them become more productive. He has authored several technical articles on software construction, with the goal of helping readers create more desirable software solutions. Now he offers one of the core components of his software design philosophy as a .NET component library.

Update Controls is a line of controls that will help the developer practice a sound design methodology. With these controls, a .NET Windows Forms application developer can focus on behavior, and let updates take care of themselves. Michael has applied the core concept of updates to all of his business and engineering applications with unconditional success. He has written about the concept in numerous publications, including Delphi Informant, JavaWorld, and Intel Developer Services. Now the concept of dependency is packaged and ready for use in your own applications.

Charles Martin - Web Designer

Charles Martin has been developing web pages since 1993 and has designed the user-interface for this website. He met Michael Perry in 2000 while working for a company and has maintained a working relationship with Michael over the years. He is very excited to be working on this project and looks forward to contributing more as this company grows.